About us

White Sands Brewery

Hvide Sande Bryghus. - White Sands Brewery was established in 2018 in a former fish packing warehouse at the harbour in Hvide Sande.

The brewery was started by director and Master Brewer Niels Sangill, who was born and raised in the village of Hvide Sande. Having owned and operated Geddal Gaardbryggeri Northwest of Holstebro, since 2014, he has now started a new, and larger, brewery adventure up in the old fishing village of Hvide Sande.

Fish packing to brewing beer

In the old warehouse, where fish were previously handled, a 1,000 liter brewing plant and 4 x 1,000 liters + 2 x 2,000 liters fermenter have now been constructed. In addition, there are 8 x 1,000 liter cooling tanks and 4 x 1,000 liter serving tanks.

At Hvide Sande Brewery we brew special beers according to our own recipes and drain the beer ourselves. We have a fixed selection of approx. 8 different types, in addition we have different seasonal beers and special brews for larger customers.



We regularly arrange guided tours of the brewery and the bottling room, including beer tasting. During the high season there are guided tours at fixed times, and otherwise at the request of groups.


Contact & Address

You will find our brewery here:

Auktionsgade 9 
6960 Hvide Sande

Please contact us by mail or phone if you have any questions:

Tlf: 51 24 56 80